Statistical data

Recent data analysis has given our teams the ability to get a better view of how gnomes operate and trends that have been created by their actions. Like the meerkat, gnomes are creatures of habit and with data mining, we can look and their trends and predict future actions.

We encourage you to take a minute and familiarize yourself with the below statistics.

globalwarmingThis report clearly shows the relationship between global warming trends and gnome attacks. The report data was gathered using the Triberian Resolution Methodology to ensure and verify the accuracy. When the two data streams are overlaid, an obvious and frightening trend is validated. This could be one of the most compelling data collections of all time.

Hundreds of attacks were reviewed by independent researchers to capture historical data trends for types of attacks. The results were not only eye opening, but quite disturbing. Attention to this chart could mean the difference between an untimely demise and survival.


gnome-chart-regionsThis chart reveals historical data trends of gnome attacks by region. Countless hours of research went into this data mining project and the results that were generated reveal yet another startling trend. Particularly residents of the Pacific Northwest should draw cause.

gnome-chart-bitesOur researchers reviewed thousands of attack files to determine overall gnome bites. This data was then overlaid with the overall mortality rate of a gnome attack.

The data clearly shows, if you are bitten you will not survive.



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